4th Annual Clementi Junior Piano Competition in Kensington

Competitor Info Pack

Saturday 23 March 2019
Clementi Junior Piano Competition
Beginners to Grade 3 Level
Class 1: Beginners (Grades 0 to 1) [Fully Booked]
Class 2: Grades 2 & 3 [Fully Booked]

Class 1 repertoire guidance: This class is suited to short pieces by Clementi (See suggested repertoire PDF). Sonatina movements should not be performed in this class. Please state the title on the entry form. Incomplete entries will not be processed. Approximate time limit is 2 minutes for Class 1

Class 2 info: Sonatina movements (or pieces of similar difficulty by Clementi) should be entered in this class. Please state the title on the entry form .Incomplete entries will not be processed. Please note if you are playing a Sonatina, only pick one movement without the repeats. Approximate time limit is 4 minutes for Class 2.

Class 2 Entry Criteria: Not open to students that have passed Grade 3.

Prizes: Trophies for 1st prize, medals for 2nd and 3rd. Certificates and written feedback for all competitors.

Entries are now open for the 4th Annual Clementi Junior Piano Competition in Kensington. This year’s competition will have two classes for Grades 0 to 3 and we warmly welcome beginner pianists to come and perform in this beautiful and historic family home in Central London. More advanced performers have a dedicated competition held in Tunbridge Wells the following day with cash prizes for winners. If you are Grade 4+, please visit the page for the Muzio Clementi Junior Award.

Suggested Repertoire can be found in the document below but you are free to choose any ONE piece by Clementi as long as it does not exceed the level of Grade 3. Please ask the organiser before making your entry if you are not sure. If you have already passed Grade 3, please enter the Muzio Clementi Junior Award instead.

Competitor Info Pack