NewHeaderThe Dulwich Music Festival runs several events throughout the year for piano, fortepiano and harpsichord at various London venues. The festival was established in 2012 by South London-based musician Lorraine Liyanage to address the need for local music events in the vibrant community of South London.

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Rye Here Rye Now
Peckham Levels, Auditorium Level 5/6
Festival Director Lorraine Liyanage will speak about the work of the Dulwich Music Festival in championing diversity in classical music. This is a free event.
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Jamaican Folk Songs
Bell House, Dulwich Village
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Solo Piano Recital, Black History Month
St Barnabas Parish Hall, Dulwich Village
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Piano For All Competition
Dulwich Village
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8th Annual Piano Competition
Kingsdale Foundation School
Adjudicator: Jena Pang

Clementi Junior Piano Award
Tunbridge Wells
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Clementi Junior Piano Competition
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Junior Harpsichord Competition
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Free Online Q&A Session: Your Questions answered about the Music Aptitude Test and Scholarship Process for Secondary State Schools

Harpsichord Masterclass
East Dulwich
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Music Aptitude Test & Scholarship Group Workshop ~ September
East Dulwich
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Book Launch: I Wish I Didn’t Quit Music with Nathan Holder
Dulwich Village
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All Instruments Competition
Dulwich Village
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Music Aptitude Test & Scholarship Group Workshop ~ October
East Dulwich
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Competition Rules & Festival Policies

Child Protection Policy: [View Online]. The Festival Safeguarding Officer is Lorraine Liyanage.

Conditions of Entry:
All entrants will need to agree to the following terms at the time of entry:
By submitting this entry form I confirm that on behalf of the competitor(s) I have read and accept the Dulwich Music Festival Regulations. I can also confirm that for all competitor(s) under 18 (or vulnerable adults of any age) I give (or have obtained)  the necessary consents for the competitor(s) to take part in the Festival. I understand that all tickets booked are non-refundable.

Data Protection:
To comply with new Data Protection laws, all competitors will be required to opt-in to receive email communications. We will also inform you how we will store and use your data.
[Privacy Policy]
[Cookies Policy]

Age Restrictions for the September All Instruments Competition:
Open to all ages

Deadline for Entry: All events have limited numbers of entries. The online ticketing site is the only method of entry and shows the number of tickets left. Once a class is Sold Out, no more entries can be accepted. Early entry is advised as our events are fully booked months in advance. All classes are fully booked.

How do I find my audience tickets? Please show your tickets on your mobile phone at the welcome desk to gain entry. You are welcome to print your tickets if you cannot display these on your phone. If you cannot find your tickets, search in your inbox for Billetto, Hoop or Eventbrite depending on where you purchased the tickets. If your group is arriving separately then you need to make the necessary arrangements so that any separate arrivals have a ticket with a barcode that has not been used by anyone else.

I need to buy audience tickets on the day. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early and bring the correct cash payment: £10 for adults, £5 for children (any age). Performers do not need to buy an audience ticket. We cannot give out change on the desk. Online ticket sales have now closed.

Do I need to attend for the whole day? No, you only need to attend for your session but your Day Pass ticket is valid all day. We encourage performers to listen to other classes, not just their own performance, as you will hear a wide variety of new repertoire that you may like to learn. You are, of course, welcome to leave as soon as your class has finished.

Checking-in process: Please arrive early to allow time to check-in and collect your wristbands. Please note that only the legal guardian of an Under 18 can sign the Registration Form and Consent forms. Several teachers have signed the forms for their students but these are not valid. If you have not consented to be photographed, see the section below regarding red wristbands.

Red Wristbands = No Photos
If you have not filled in the form above and/or you do not wish to be photographed, please ensure you collect a red wristband on arrival so that the photographer can identify which participants have not consented to be photographed. This must be worn on your right wrist and displayed clearly above clothing at all times. It is the responsibility of the guardian of the competitor to ensure the band is fitted properly and visible at all times.

Graded Class Entries: Competitors must not enter a graded class if they have already passed the exam.

Booking Tickets: Tickets must be booked in the name of the performer to ensure the name appears exactly how you wish it to appear in the printed programme and certificate. If you have not booked the ticket in the correct name, please send details of your ticket booking to support@billetto.co.uk to request an amendment. The name on your ticket from Billetto will be the name of the adult that has booked the ticket. Do not worry! As long as you entered the Performer’s Name in the required box, then your entry will be accurate.

Incomplete or Partial Entries: Incomplete entries will not be accepted. All performers (apart from Set Pieces classes) must state the Title of the Piece and the Composer’s Name at the time of entry. All competitor names must be submitted in the format Firstname Secondname. Do not capitalise names as these will appear incorrectly in the printed programme. If you are unsure how to fill in the entry form, do check with your teacher for advice before entering. If you have submitted an incomplete entry and not provided the required information by 1st of May, the Festival Organiser will not confirm your entry.

Programmes: These are included in the entry fee – one per family (irrespective of number of classes entered).

Copy of Music for adjudicators: Present a copy of your music to the adjudicator as you go up to perform. Photocopies are fine in this instance but will be destroyed and not returned to you.

Playing from Memory: This is optional.

Feedback: All competitors receive a Comment Sheet and Certificate with a category award. Certificates and Comment Sheets will be distributed from the front desk at the end of each class. Adjudicators may choose only to give verbal feedback on medal place winners if the timings of the class do not allow for individual verbal feedback. We may not be able to give verbal feedback on all competitors.

Repertoire: Only repertoire listed in the programme may be performed. You cannot alter the piece you will perform on the day.

Order of playing: If there are a number of no-shows for a class, then the playing order will be altered and playing number will be brought forward so we ask you to be ready to play as the first competitor in your class. Prompt arrival for your class is vital. We cannot estimate what time your performance will take place as the class size could drastically reduce on the day which would lead to you performing much earlier, even if you were scheduled to play at the end of the class. We ask all competitors to be available at the start of the class. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee you can perform and we will not refund you.

Medals & Trophies: Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (subject to class numbers of 6 entrants for 2nd place and 9 entrants and above for the full 3 medals). Trophies are awarded for many classes thanks to the generosity of our event supporters. Not every class has a trophy.

Photography/Filming: Photography of your own child is permitted at this event but we cannot allow filming or distributing of your child’s performance on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. as this will be in breach of Copyright Laws.

Time Penalty: Where a time limit applies (Junior and Adult Recital classes), performances will be stopped. When you hear the buzzer, please stop playing immediately.

Refreshments: There are no refreshments on sale. Food and drink is not permitted anywhere in the Music performance space.

Where Do I Collect My Certificate and Mark Sheet? After the class, all certificates and mark sheets will be returned to the Collection Desk next to the Welcome Desk in the Atrium for you to collect on your way out. Please ensure that you only take your own mark sheet and certificate. Please check carefully before leaving the building as we do not have duplicates of these items.

Level of Playing: Students should aim to enter for a level at which they are currently playing, not a level at which they have already achieved or surpassed. For example, graded students would not be suitable for the very first Set Pieces classes that are aimed at very new learners that have not reached Prep Test level.

Absence: If you cannot attend, we do not refund your fees or transfer your entry fee to next year’s competition. We will not delay the class to wait for your arrival.

Cancellation: Tickets are non-refundable once booked and cannot be transferred into an alternative name or re-allocated for any reason.

Late Arrivals: No refunds of entry fees can be entertained if you are unable to perform due to late arrival and your entry will be forfeited. If you’ve missed your turn, your name will be called once after all other competitors have finished performing. Once the adjudicator has completed his or her decision and marking, then no more performances will be allowed to start.

Trophies: There are no trophies for the competition in September.

For guidance with the online entry form, please email londonpianoevents@gmail.com

We only accept entries via the web site:

Music Aptitude Tests
Try out the practice tests online in advance of the MAT tests for September 2019 state school entry. [musicaptitudetest.co.uk]

Email Us
Facebook Group For Participants (or guardians/parents if the participant is Under 18) – ask the Organisers questions in our online discussion group. Also find out about the latest events, priority entry for upcoming competitions and the festival timetables.