Announcing the competitors for the 2nd Broadwood Horniman Harpsichord Competition

This event has now passed but entries are open for the 2018 Junior Harpsichord Competition at Handel & Hendrix in London. See here:

Join us on Wednesday 19 April in the Music Gallery at the Horniman Museum and Gardens for the 2nd Broadwood Horniman Harpsichord Competition.

The Broadwood Horniman Harpsichord Competition is supported through the generosity of John Broadwood & Sons Ltd.

Aleksandra Zebrowska
L’ubica Paurova
Edyta Lajdorf
Ilhae Kim
Alexandra Kremakova
Helene Diot
Dusan Toroman
Jack Brookes
Rosa Bene
August Guan
Petra Hajduchova
Jia-Ying Chan

Sophie Yates
Robin Bigwood
Masumi Yamamamoto