Festival Update May 1st ~ 7th annual Piano Competition at Kingsdale Foundation School

The date is fast approaching for the 7th Annual Piano Competition that will be held at Kingsdale School. We are looking forward to hearing you all perform in the amazing space called The POD. Here’s a video where you can look inside the performance space:

Registration Form
If you haven’t already done so, please *do* fill in this form which will save you time on the day as we will need you to fill this in on arrival on your phone. If you have not filled in the Registration Form, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your class. http://eepurl.com/dp1gCr


Red Wristbands = No Photos

If you have not filled in the form above and/or you do not wish to be photographed, please ensure you collect a red wristband on arrival so that the photographer can identify which participants have not consented to be photographed.

This will be issued soon by Mailchimp which is our newsletter software. If you have not signed up for the newsletter then check the festival web site a week or two before the event to see when the timetable has been published online. This will not include any details of repertoire or names of performers. http://www.dulwichmusicfestival.co.uk/7th-annual-piano-competition-dulwich/


We have compiled some information about the event online. Please have a read before emailing the Festival Team as our volunteers are only checking emails once a week. http://www.dulwichmusicfestival.co.uk/about/


Amends = Not Possible
The deadline for entry has now closed and all classes are fully booked. We’ve started designing the programmes so we can’t accept any more repertoire amends.
Looking forward to seeing you in June!
Festival Team: Lorraine, Claire, Alex, Barry, Mirna
Adjudicator: Nancy Litten
Composers: Alison Mathews, Marcel Zidani and Rosa Conrad.
Event Sponsors: Portico, Trinity College London, Casio Digital Pianos

If you can help for an hour or two on the day of the festival, please do get in touch!