Set Piece for the 2018 Dulwich Music Festival: Momentum by Marcel Zidani

We are delighted to announce that Momentum by Marcel Zidani has been chosen for the 2018 Dulwich Music Festival Set Pieces Competitive Class. Momentum is taken from Marcel’s book ‘Hey Presto‘ and is around Grade 2 level.

Marcel Zidani’s thoughts on the piece:
The piece has a strong sense of energy and drive from the outset. Keeping the left hand very staccato all the way through and the tempo as steady as possible will help you to achieve that driving force. This may mean giving some individual attention to one or two of the awkward corners so there is no interruption to the flow.

It’s easy to forget about dynamics here too by playing all at the same level or even the opposite, becoming too loud too soon. Remember to have a gradual increase in tone.

Composer Marcel Zidani plays Momentum: