Thank You To Everyone That Made The Piano Competition Possible! June 2018

I’ve been running a piano competition in Dulwich South London since 2012. Our first year was supported by Dulwich residents Rod and Jane Peter, the former team behind the Inter Schools Advertiser. We have been very grateful to local businesses for their support of the festival. To mention a few – Portico, Daisylets, Roullier White, R. Woodfall and South London Music. Thank you to Trinity College London and Casio Music UK for their continued support of our event.

There are many unsung heroes of the festival and I would like to thank everybody that helped make the event on Sunday 10th June possible. The festival takes many months of planning that culminates in a 12-hour event. The added need to comply with GDPR this year added an unforeseen amount of admin to the festival and I am already looking at ways to create a web site for 2019 that reduces the onerous amount of admin and manual data-entry to create a streamline entry system.

The festival is not possible without the help of a huge amount of people who work behind the scenes for many weeks and months beforehand to help everything run smoothly on the day. In no particular order:

Thank you to Dawn from Kingsdale for giving up her time on a Sunday morning to pick me up with all my boxes of trophies, certificates and food for the festival team, plus staying to make sure the venue was all set-up properly including AV equipment. Also thank you to Peter and Andy from Kingsdale for assisting with venue hire and setup.

A huge thank you to Claire Harris for her help in the days leading up to the event when we sat down and created the timetable for festival stewards and created and typed up the information pack for competitors. Claire also offered her expertise adjudicating the Casio Grand Hybrid Competition. Claire’s absence from future festivals will be a huge blow to our festival team as she moves to Canada to pursue a new career.

Thank you to Mirna for catering for the event and making sure that everyone was well-fed and watered throughout the day. Your constant cups of coffee were vital to keep us going for 12 hours! Thank you to both Mirna and Chris for tidying up all the refreshments at the end of the day.

Another huge thank you to Barry who comes a long distance to help every year without fail as door steward and a general point of contact for all things festival-related on the day.

Many thanks to all my friends and colleagues who came to help throughout the day on the welcome desk – Alex, Oliver, Chris. Thank you to the composers for travelling a long way to meet our young musicians.

And finally – thank you to all the pianists that worked hard for months in advance to prepare their pieces to perform for our adjudicator Nancy Litten.

We have more events coming up soon. Entries are now open for the All Instruments Competition in September 2019.